2014 Auto Show

Art in the Home Show

Designers Horty Elving -

Jennifer Paist &

Lynn Skowronski

Feb. 20 - April 4, 2014

Bloomington Theatre and

Art Center.








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We love being photographers and it shows! Mims Photography is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, but we work all over the Twin Cities area, as well as Greater Minnesota. It's gratifying when people ask us to record the special events in their lives and the family, friends and pets too, of course, who share them.

Businesses rely on us to let the world know about their products, services and employees who contribute to their success. The annual meeting, the handshake that seals the deal,
the sales milestone, we've covered them all.

Mims Photography has the experience and photographic gear to handle any challenge and we're willing to expend the extra effort it takes to get the job done right. Our calm, can-do approach puts people at ease and we think that's key to maximizing a project's potential. There's nothing formulaic about the way we work. We approach each project or subject with an open mind so that we can see what's really there, then create imagery to capture that essential essence.